Preasy Esport is a professional Esports club from Denmark

More about Preasy Esport

We have a passion for esports and believe that it can be a way to engage young people in a healthy and meaningful activity. We believe that esports can help combat dissatisfaction among children and young people with diagnoses and mental health problems.

We have a vision to establish a professional Danish CS:GO team that can compete at the top domestically and globally. The club will strive to increase interest in esports in Denmark and all personnel to act as role models for other young people who want to compete at a high level.

We are a club that prioritizes well-being and sustainability, and we want to contribute to creating a healthy and meaningfull esports culture in Denmark. We look forward to collaborating with other companies, organizations and individuals who share our passion for esports and want to contribute to the positive development of esports in Denmark.


A Danish Esports club which strives to contribute to a positive gaming environment




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